Cdh Type Vertical Steel Plate Lifting Clamp Manufacturers

As one of the professional China Cdh Type Vertical Steel Plate Lifting Clamp manufacturers and suppliers, our factory will provide you with quality service with the newest customized products. For many years we have been committed to providing reliable products to all customers. Buy Cdh Type Vertical Steel Plate Lifting Clamp from our factory, please contact us.
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  • Feature of CDH Vertical Plate Clamp 1. Standard design clamp for vertical lifting of steel plates and steel structures. The spring-loaded tightending lock mechanism assures a positive initial clampingforce.
    2. Clamp are equipped with a safety mechanism, ensuring the clamp does not slip when lifting force is applied and when load is bing lowered.
    3. The clmap is locked in closed as well as in open position.
    4. High frquency quenching of die forged special alloy steels gives greater durability to the cam.

  • Feature of DHQ Horizonal Plate Clamp 1.Suitable for lifting and transport of steel plates, construction and profiled bar in horizonatal positon
    2.Manufactured from high quality carbon steel
    3.Avoid snatch or shock loading
    4.The working load limit is the maximum load that the clamp are authorized to support when used in pairs with a lift angle of 60°.
    In lifting operations clamps can be used in pairs or multiples.

Our products are all made in China, welcome to buy Cdh Type Vertical Steel Plate Lifting Clamp from our factory. Our production equipment includes forging press, casting machine, CNC, testing machine. By Really is the Cdh Type Vertical Steel Plate Lifting Clamp manufacturers and suppliers. We have a lot of newest products and can provide you with customized products. Our factory was founded in 1995. During the past 25 years,Our company had changed from the initial hardware machinery processing to one of the scaled enterprise which has forging, casting, stamping, assembling, CNC. We are specialized in assembling.
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