3t Manual Lever Hoist Yale Type Manufacturers

As one of the professional China 3t Manual Lever Hoist Yale Type manufacturers and suppliers, our factory will provide you with quality service with the newest customized products. For many years we have been committed to providing reliable products to all customers. Buy 3t Manual Lever Hoist Yale Type from our factory, please contact us.
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  • Feature of WLB TYPE Manual Lever Block 1. Low carbon alloy steel structure plate using, safe and reliable, durable
    2. Using G80 high strength lifting chain, high safety factor and long service, life Stable rotation, high effciency, pulling force of light
    3. Using double pawl braking to make sure higher safety performance
    4. Ribbed handle and thickened plate design, strengthen the strength of the hand hoist Optional load limiting device
    5. Can choose the guided special chain guide device for power, so that the whole machine in drag lifting chain when absolutely smooth, bid farewell to the resistance card
    6. Through the CE, GS standard cetification

  • Feature of WCB-1 TYPE Manual Lever Block 1.The body is made of aluminum alloy steel
    2.Ultra small, ultra lightweight, easy to carry
    3.The shortest pull handle
    4.Through the CE, GS standard certification

Our products are all made in China, welcome to buy 3t Manual Lever Hoist Yale Type from our factory. Our production equipment includes forging press, casting machine, CNC, testing machine. By Really is the 3t Manual Lever Hoist Yale Type manufacturers and suppliers. We have a lot of newest products and can provide you with customized products. Our factory was founded in 1995. During the past 25 years,Our company had changed from the initial hardware machinery processing to one of the scaled enterprise which has forging, casting, stamping, assembling, CNC. We are specialized in assembling.
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