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  • Made from lifting nylon, these 2 Legs Flat Webbing Sling are easy to move and store while being adaptable to a variety of uses. Although highly resistant to alkalies, they should not be used in acidic conditions.

  • Feature of Climbing Dynamic Rope High quality polyester material, very strong and durable, heavy duty rot and tear resistant. Loan-bearing of the rope reach 2000 lb, safe enough to do any outdoor activity. Can be rolled up to a small part, easy to keep them tidy and clean, very compact to carry it with you.

  • Climbing Dynamic Rope with Snap Hook is made of high strength polyester and polypropylene material. Which is durable and long lasting, good abrasion resistance with firm braiding sheath for a longer service life.low ductility static wire rope can reduce the risk of safety caused by the Elongation of wire rope. Lightweight but strong strength, moderate size easy to be rolled up To a small part, Easy to keep them tidy and clean.

  • Easily attach the extender to your safety harness without difficulty reaching behind your back. This Climbing Dynamic Rope with Safety Hook harness accessory easily adds length to the back D-Ring of harnesses enabling lanyard attachment while wearing your safety harness. Simply connect the lanyard to the D-Ring on the extension and you’re ready to go.

  • This Climbing Dynamic Rope with Buckle capacity range of 130 - 310 pounds. You can truly rest assured thanks to the one-inch polyester webbing and ANSI-tested steel snap hook that have been used. As the shock absorption is built directly into the lanyard, this fall protection kit is really a great lightweight solution. Also, thanks to the lanyard stretch, the risk of tripping gets minimized. What is more, the safety rope is a bright orange colour which means that it can be seen from far.

  • The Climbing Dynamic Rope with Hook and Quick Link is highly resistant to abrasion, aging, and won’t soften from frequent use. This webbing has low shrink properties and a high temperature threshold.

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