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  • Forged clevis grab hooks are heavy-duty hooks designed for lifting and rigging applications. They have a clevis design that allows them to easily attach to chains, ropes, and other lifting devices. These hooks are commonly used in a variety of industrial and commercial scenarios where secure and reliable lifting and rigging are essential. Here are some application scenarios of forged clevis grab hooks:


  • Load binders are an essential piece of equipment used to anchor loads for transport by applying tension to the chains that tie-down your cargo.


  • Shackle is a connection between different objects, which can be used for the connection between the sling and the sling or the sling bolt; for the connection between the sling and the sling; as the lifting point of the combined sling. The safety requirements for shackles are as follows:


  • The general rope tightener is divided into two types: slotted and non-slotted. The most common product in China is the non-slotted product, which is mainly used for rope binding.


  • Shackles are frequently used in various hoisting operation sites, mainly used as connecting parts, and an important connecting tool between rigging and objects to be hoisted.


  • Clamp is versatile tools that serve to temporarily hold work securely in place.(China clamp)