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Common types and structure of steel plate pliers

Sling is an efficient auxiliary tool for lifting equipment, which is used to quickly lift steel plate, profile, box, package and bulk goods. The most common product is steel plate clamp, which is divided into round steel clamp, rail clamp, vertical clamp and turnover clamp.

1、 Vertical lifting tongs

Common (maximum thickness of α)。 It uses the dead weight of the lifting object to produce clamping force, and is equipped with a handle, which is safe and self-locking. When the operating handle is turned to the upper limit advantage, the safety self-locking device can generate auxiliary clamping force under the action of spring force, and the jaw has pre clamping force before the clamping force is generated by the dead weight of the lifting object. When the lifting object needs to be removed, turn the operating handle to the lower limit position. At this time, the opening of the clamp plate is turned to the maximum and locked by the safety self-locking device for loading and unloading.

2、 Horizontal steel plate lifting tongs

It is used for lifting and transporting flat ordinary steel plate. It belongs to single stroke lever type. When lifting, it uses lever principle to produce clamping force by lifting weight.

3、 Round steel lifting tongs are used for lifting and transporting flat round steel. They also belong to single arm lever type, and the clamping force is generated by the weight of lifting objects.

The steel plate clamp has the advantages of simple structure, less collar, simple processing, less materials, low cost and convenient operation. It can quickly load and unload all kinds of steel goods, reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency.
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