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The correct way to connect the soft tiedown to the hook

Now many manufacturers have purchased soft tiedown products. But the correct way to connect the hook with the soft tiedown may be a headache for many manufacturers. Let's talk about it below.

1. When the soft tiedown connection hook wants to save costs, the only way to do this is to remove the connection tool. When there is no connection tool, there is only one way of connecting the flexible sling to hang vertically. When using the soft tiedown straight knot sleeve to connect the hook, we need to pay attention that the eye diameter of the hook must be larger than the eye diameter of the sling. Because we want to make sure that the soft tiedown can be used to the fullest when lifting. If the size of the eye of the hook is smaller than the sling, the soft tiedown will be cut off during lifting. If the lifting sling wants to exert force, it is necessary to ensure that the hook has enough bearing surface.

2. The soft tiedown uses connecting tools to effectively connect the hooks. Whether it is a sling or a hook, it can maximize its effect. This kind of connection method is very simple, we only need to pay attention to a few tons of lifting belt with a few tons of shackle or double-ring buckle, and then use the shackle or double-ring buckle to connect the hook. This kind of connection is simple and convenient, and only needs to be connected with the same tonnage. The national standard coefficient of sling is six times, while hooks and shackles are generally twice deformed and broken four times. So there is no conflict in matching.
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