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Precautions for the safe use of hooks

1. The hook should be manufactured by a formal professional factory in accordance with the technical conditions and safety specifications of the hook, and the product should have the quality certificate of the manufacturer, otherwise it is not allowed to be used.
2. The new hook should be subjected to a load test, and the opening of the measuring hook should not exceed 0.25% of the original opening.
3.During use, check whether the hook is cracked or severely deformed, corroded and worn.
4. The hook should be tested once a year. During the test, carry out a static test of 1.25 times the allowable working load for 10 minutes, and check with a magnifying glass or other methods. There should be no cracks, cracks and residual deformation.
5. The three dangerous sections should be cleaned with kerosene. Use a magnifying glass to see if there are cracks. For plate hooks, check the bushings and pins for wear.
6. Defects on the hook shall not be repaired.

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