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The working principle of hand winch

A hand winch is a winch with a vertically installed cable drum. It can be driven by power but does not store ropes. It also refers to a winch with a rotation axis perpendicular to the deck. It is a self-protection and traction device for vehicles and ships. It can be used in snow. Carry out self-rescue and rescue in harsh environments such as, swamps, deserts, beaches, muddy mountain roads, etc., and can perform operations such as clearing obstacles, dragging objects, and installing facilities under other conditions.
Simply put, the internal working mechanism of the winch is: the electric power from the car first drives the motor, and then the motor drives the drum to rotate, the drum drives the drive shaft, and the drive shaft drives the planetary gears to generate powerful torque. Subsequently, the torque is transmitted back to the drum, and the drum drives the winch. There is a clutch between the motor and the reducer, which can be opened and closed by a handle. The brake unit is inside the drum. When the noose is tightened, the drum is automatically locked.

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