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Self-locking principle of hand winch


Take Japan's powerful hand winch as an example. It relies on the automatic brake to realize the self-locking of the hand winch, and the automatic brake adopts a double locking mechanism, which will not cause an impact on the brake arm without braking, so we mainly introduce it The double locking mechanism. The double locking mechanism is composed of a special reel to keep additional maintenance windings and our unique wire rope anchor plate to ensure safety and stability. 

One. Rotate the handle clockwise, the three screws will tighten the clutch and clutch wheel. The brake lining will be integrated on the ratchet gear and the load will be lifted. 

two. When the load is reduced, the released force will act on the clutch wheel and loosen the triple screw. Rotating the handle counterclockwise will loosen the three-screw, there will be a proper gap between the brake lining and the ratchet, and the load can be reduced at any speed. 

three. In the process of lifting or stopping the descent, the tumbler engages with the ratchet and stops moving at any point. 

four. The three screws used for the clutch and clutch wheel provide effective tightening with a small pitch. In addition, the lead is three times larger, and the speed of tightening and loosening the screws is fast, so it ensures the instantaneous action of the mechanical brake.

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