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Characteristics of manual lever block

The manual lever block is a kind of manual lever block that is easy to use and carry. He mainly relies on manpower to carry several tons of goods. It is widely used in factories, mines, construction sites, agricultural production, docks,warehouses, especially open-air and non-electric operations; it can be combined with monorail trolleys to form manual lifting transport trolleys, suitable for monorail overhead transportation, etc.
The manual lever block can also be applied to special specifications such as large tonnage and explosion-proof type. It is suitable for outdoor harsh environment and operation without power supply. It has high safety performance. The gearbox and handwheel cover are resistant to external impact, equipped with world-class load chain, advanced structure and beautiful appearance. Small size, light weight, easy to carry, low hand pull, high mechanical efficiency, high body toughness, simple internal structure, using aluminum integrated structural frame, easy to disassemble and easy to maintain.
Manual lever block have features and advantages that other lifting tools do not have. Chain hoists and electric hoists have many uses. But they cannot substitute for each other. After all, the  lever block is manual, so power is generally not needed. Electric hoist is often used in factories, assembly lines and other scenes. Because of its high frequency of use, it can effectively reduce labor costs.
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