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What problems should be paid attention to when using shackles?

(1) Before using the shackle, carefully check its bearing capacity, whether the appearance is deformed or damaged, and whether the connection part is intact to prevent problems.
(2) The direction of force of the shackle should be correct to prevent it from receiving lateral force.
(3) When connecting ropes or rings, one should be set on the horizontal pin and the other should be set on the bend ring. It is not allowed to set on the two straight sections of the shackle respectively.
(4) After the lifting operation is finished, remove it in time, insert the cross pin into the bend ring, and install the nut. It is strictly forbidden to throw the shackle down from a high place to prevent it from deforming and causing internal crack damage, and to ensure that it is intact.
(5) The threaded part of the shackle should be regularly lubricated with lubricating oil to make it well lubricated and not rusty.
(6) After use, store it in a dry place, pad it with a wooden board, and keep it properly.

(7) It is not allowed to use shackles with horizontal pins without threads. When it is necessary to use them, safe and reliable measures must be taken to prevent the horizontal pins from slipping out and causing accidents.

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