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Know what is a shackle

Shackle is a kind of sling, which is widely used in various industries such as electric power, metallurgy, petroleum, machinery, railway, chemical industry, port, mining, construction and so on. Shackles are the same as other slings. They have their own set of application and invalidation specifications. Note for the use of shackles: The shackles must correctly support the load.
That is, the effect force should be along the axis of the centerline of the shackle to prevent bending and unstable loads, not to mention overload. The use and invalidation of the shackle should be rolled flexibly in the lifting hole, and no jamming is allowed. Phenomenon: The shackle body must not bear the effect of lateral bending moment, that is, the effect bearing capacity should be in the plane of the body.

The maximum included angle between the two leg rigging carried by the shackle cannot be greater than 120 degrees. The use and invalidation of shackles The shackle is that when the wire rope sling is used as a binding sling, the horizontal pin part of the shackle should be connected with the keyhole of the wire rope sling. The appearance is when the rigging is lifted.

The conflict between the wire rope and the shackle causes the shackle to roll, and there is a risk of detachment. The use and invalidation specifications of the shackle. The pin is deformed up to 5% of the original size; the bolt is necrotic or slippery.
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