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What are the daily maintenance of eye hooks?

1 Wipe the hook body clean, check that all bolts and screws are not loose and deformed, the anti-hook device functions normally, all cotter pins are installed in place and the openings are open.
2 Check the wear of the pulley groove and rim, whether the wire rope and the groove match, whether the pulley is loose or swaying, after checking, lubricate the pulley, rotating part and other parts with grease nipple.
3 Check whether the rotating part of the hook can rotate freely, and the gap between the parts cannot be too large. If there is a feeling of difficulty in rotation or a feeling of jamming, further inspection of the bearing and sleeve is required.

4 Check whether there are problems with the properties and structure of the main hook. If it is deformed, worn out or cracked, replace it in time. 

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