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The principle and use of car winch

Owners who often drive off-road vehicles to go off-road usually know that it is very important to install a car winch on the car, which can save the owner when the vehicle is in trouble. Many car owners will ask, such a magical thing, then what exactly is a car winch, and what is its principle and purpose?
The principle of a car winch is to use external power to convert it into the pulling force of the cable to pull the immobile car out of the predicament. Of course, it can also help the driver remove obstacles on the road.
The purpose of the car winch is when the car is driving in the harsh environment such as snow, swamp, desert, beach, muddy mountain road, etc., when the vehicle is in trouble. If the vehicle is equipped with a winch, the vehicle can carry out self-rescue and rescue; but if the vehicle is not equipped with a car winch, when the vehicle is in trouble, it can only call for rescue and wait for the rescue team to come and help.

Therefore, the car winch is very important, especially for car owners who often go off-road. 

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