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How to use the integrated hydraulic puller and matters needing attention

1. When using the integrated hydraulic puller, first put the slotted end of the handle into the oil return valve stem, and tighten the oil return valve stem in a clockwise direction.
2. Adjust the hook seat so that the hook catches the object being pulled.
3. The handle is inserted into the lifter hole, and the piston starter rod is tilted back and forth to move forward smoothly, and the claw hook retreats accordingly to pull out the pulled object.
4. The effective distance of the piston start rod of the hydraulic puller is only 50mm, so the extension distance should not be greater than 50mm. When it is not pulled out, stop, loosen the oil return valve, and let the piston start rod retract. Repeat steps 1, 2, and 3 until it is pulled out.
5. To retract the piston start rod, just use the slotted end of the handle to slightly loosen the oil return valve rod in a counterclockwise direction, and the piston start rod gradually retracts under the action of the spring.
6. Before use, the hydraulic puller of the corresponding tonnage should be selected according to the outer diameter, pulling distance and load force of the object to be pulled, and it should not be overloaded to avoid damage.
7. The hydraulic puller uses (GB443-84) N15 mechanical oil when used at -5℃~45℃; uses (GB442-64) synthetic spindle oil when used at -20℃~-5℃.

8. In order to prevent equipment damage caused by overload, there is an overload automatic unloading valve in the hydraulic device. When the pulled object exceeds the rated load, the overload valve will automatically unload, and an integrated hydraulic puller with a larger tonnage is used instead. 

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