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How to design a good clamp

Most welding tools(clamp) are specially designed for the assembly and welding process of a certain welding assembly. They are non-standard devices and often need to be designed and manufactured according to the characteristics of the product mechanism, production conditions and your actual needs. Welding tooling design is one of the important contents of production preparation, and it is also one of the main tasks of welding production process design. For manufacturing industries such as automobiles, motorcycles and aircraft, it is no exaggeration to say that there will be no products without welding tooling. Through the process design, put forward the required tooling type, structure sketch and brief description, and complete the detailed structure, part design and all drawings on this basis.

The quality of tooling design(clamp) has a direct impact on production efficiency, processing cost, product quality and production safety. Therefore, practicability, economy, reliability and artistry must be considered when designing welding tooling.

In the process of mechanical design and manufacturing, the problem of clamp generally exists. In the process of assembling parts into a machine, that is, the relevant dimensions on the parts are combined and accumulated. Due to the manufacturing error of part size, there will be error synthesis and accumulation during assembly. The total error formed after accumulation will affect the working performance and quality of the machine. This forms the interactive relationship between the dimensional error and comprehensive error of parts. Designing fixtures is no exception. It is very important to reasonably determine the dimensional tolerance and geometric tolerance of parts.(clamp)
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