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What are the common types of shackles

Shackles are frequently used in various hoisting operation sites, mainly used as connecting parts, and an important connecting tool between rigging and objects to be hoisted. The shackle is made of high-quality carbon structure or alloy structure forging and heat treatment, with large bearing capacity, flexible and reliable.
There are many types of shackles, which are divided into straight ring, D-shaped and horseshoe-shaped according to the shape of the ring; there are two types of screw type and flexible pin type according to the connection form of pin and ring. The pin and ring of the screw shackle are threaded. There are two types of pins in the shackle, namely circular and oval. It is in smooth contact with the ring hole and can be pulled out directly. D-type shackle is mainly used for single-limb rigging connection; B-type shackle is mainly used for multi-limb rigging. BW, DW type shackles are mainly used in occasions where the rigging will not drive the pin shaft to rotate; BX, DX type shackles are mainly used in occasions where the pin shaft may rotate and long-term installation.

The shackle is the most used connection tool in lifting operations. It is mainly used for the connection parts that are frequently installed and removed in hoisting. When the rigging is used in conjunction with the beam, the shackle can be used at the top of the rigging instead of the lifting ring and the lug plate under the beam. Connection for easy installation and removal. Shackles are widely used in electric power, petroleum, machinery, wind power, chemical industry, ports, construction and other industries, and are very important connecting parts in hoisting. 

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